Assalamualaikum .. Selamat datang ke kedai maya BINISHCHOC. Kedai maya ini akan kembali aktif dgn produk2 berkualiti yg boleh dijadikan hantaran, hadiah, saje makan2.. Macam2 ade..

How To Order

Order to be made 7 days in advance before  pick up.
Order for more than 500 pieces to be made 1 mth in advance

1. Place your order thru email / sms
-Ctc No
-Pick up Date
-Method of delivery
-Cavity and Box Type
-Quantity of boxes
-Message (optional) - RM0.20 for each alphabet

2. Quotation will be send to your email

3. Full Payment to be made to Maybank Acct:
Nor Asykin Md Saleh
1642 5832 3373

4. Pls sms or email me payment details for confirmation